Personal Accountability?

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Leading, by default, creates accountability. Deadlines, projects, problems, meetings, and deliverables naturally create leadership accountability.

What about personal accountability?

I’ve never been held accountable for personal habits. Sure, I’ve been corrected many times, but I’ve never been in a proactive relationship where someone checked up on me. Have you?

An Illustration

Marshall Goldsmith has a personal coach and friend that holds him accountable. Every night Marshall’s personal coach calls him to ask a list of predetermined questions, things like; how many sit ups did you do, how much time did you spend watching TV, how much time did you spend on the Internet, and more.

Marshall designed his own questions. The coach’s job is to call and asked the questions, nothing more. There’s no advice or correction, just questions. The process is complete when Marshall turns around and asks his coach a series of predetermined questions. They do this…

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