Dance – What Your World Wants Today

Dance: What Your World Wants Today

The finale of Mad Men had advertising executive Don Draper emotionally transformed, sitting in a lotus position and oming on the cliffs at Esalen. In a swift sleight of hand “what’s next for Don moment” we were treated to the 1971 coke commercial where  beautiful multi-cultural people were standing on a hillside holding cokes and singing: “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…it’s the real thing, what the world wants today…”

In case you missed it…the link is included at the end of this post.

Bill Backer, one time creative director on the Coca-Cola account, explained to the Wall Street Journal  that the ad was inspired by a scene in an airport cafe. On a flight delay he saw passengers sharing stories and cheerfully getting along while sipping Cokes. This real-time play of multi-cultural harmony seeded his idea circa 1971.  After Vietnam, race riots and other cruelties, an idealistic sweetly regimented harmony was the “want” of the times.

Coke got it, created a lullaby and sold soda big time.

What does the world want today circa 2015? What do you want today?

I took a look around town to see.

Field notes:

What the world wants today – to jump, spin, dance, leap, waltz, whirl, cha-cha into joy, self-discovery and individualized expression and self-care.

What the world wants today – to embody in every last cell the dance, daring and dazzle of life liberated from any and all limiting beliefs that constrain movement, brilliance and expression.

What the world wants today- new songs, new dance, vibrantly alive environments. Experiences.


The World Wide Groove Movement founder, Misty Tripoli,  danced through our town and the Sonima Wellness Center this week wearing her emphatic “Dance like you F?##$” shirt calling all dancers to the moment, to the possibility, to SIMPLY MOVE NOW!

After an artistic energetic dance packed hour and a half everyone including me looked high on life, sweat soaked and ready to chant. OMmmmm.

I’ll admit I was there in 1971 chanting OMmmmm. It was full circle moment.

Today, it’s not that one life or way is better than another, all that matters is that you are living your life and not the one made up by a superficial belief,  ideological bully, or the unexamined status quo.

Misty Tripoli appears to believe that the more we humans dance naturally, emphatically and truly the more we will live in full expression of our innate brilliance. I’m in the embodiment camp too. Dance your prayers.  Walk your dreams. Take your vision of a new you to the mat or your favorite sport.

Almost everyone has prayers, dreams, visions and stories. Today we are all about developing a story, telling a story and living a new story.

In 1971 Coke told a story about their customers and the world. It’s impossible in 2015 for any brand to wield that much social influence. Influential companies today are giving people the tools to tell their own story. Think -Mud Run popularity. I’ll be talking about the run, the mud and my experience. The company sets a context. You can tell it any way you want to.

Your company reality check:

1. Does your company, product and services exist to tell your story?

2. Does your company, product and services exist to dictate the stories of your clients and customers?


3. Does your company, product and services exist to give your clients and customers the magic, tools and experiences to tell their own stories?


Shape your life, company, product or services for what the world wants today.

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What The World Wants Today … ( this video is a little long…first 3 minutes will give you the flavor).





Simply awesome.

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