Heal with Herbs

Healing with Herbs, Thought and Food

Healing with Herbs
Herbs, Foods and Thoughts that Heal

“We all walk in mysteries. We do not know what is stirring in the atmosphere that surrounds us, nor how it is connected with our own spirit. So much is certain-that at times we can put out the feelers of our soul beyond its bodily limits; and a presentiment, and actual insight…is accorded to it.” – Goethe

Practice # 1: Healing with Thought.

Say the phrase: “Everything I Need Comes To Me” while looking in the mirror. This simple yet powerful affirmation is a way center yourself and prepare to receive. Life begins to mirror your heart and soul.

“The mirror itself changes, it’s very substance is altered by the process of you becoming yourself. Its capacity for undistorted reflection begins to improve.” – Stephen Buhner

Renowned herbalist and healer Hanna Kroeger instructed her students to look in a mirror and ask the question: “What do I need to (heal, get a better job, make a difference in the world…)? Fill in the blank as necessary, repeat it daily and let go of it. The answer will come.

Practice # 2: Healing with Food.

Treat your kitchen like a biochemistry research lab. Stock your kitchen with fresh and real foods. Dump everything packaged and “refined”. Go with the basics and begin to build a repertoire of healthy choices that work for you! This is where the joy of experimenting comes in. Everyone must become his or her own expert to win great health. There is plenty of good advice out there – self-discovery is your biggest advantage for gaining healthy lasting traction.

Practice # 3: Healing with Herbs.

Pay attention to how you feel and handle small imbalances with herbs. You will become adept and knowing when to seek additional care.

Intuition arises in multiple ways, but most of us have been trained out of hearing its voice. Intuition and sensing how you feel is essential to life-long health and well-being. Learn about how we have lost our connection to Nature’s remedies and how we are finding our way back in this interview with Stephen Buhner: Herbs and Foods That Heal (this interview is 30 minutes well spent! Learn and Enjoy!)
Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 9.55.03 AM

Stephen shares an effective natural remedy for anti-biotic resistant systemic infectionsMRSA: Cryptolepis
Why is this important? Nearly 100,000 people die of this hospital aquired infection in the U.S. every year.
Cryptolepis tincture is in the BRIGHTERSTEP shop.

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Supportive Products

These excellent books by Stephen Buhner belong in your “health empowerment library”: “Herbal Antibiotics” and “Herbal Antivirals”. You can find these books through the Essential Books link in the BRIGHTERSTEP shop and these herbal remedies can be located in the shop with the Herbal and Homeopathics link:
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Elderberry Tincture – effective against flu symptoms
Oregon Grape Tincture – effective against dysentery or other gut upsets
California Poppy Tincture – helpful for calming and reducing anxiety (take a few drops before going through security inspections!)

Are you feeling scattered? Pack this:

Madia Flower Essence – improves focus, attention and organization

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein

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Healing with Herbs, Thought and Food

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