Small Changes, Big Results

Beautiful young woman holding plant growing up through stones

What is your heart’s desire?

Some chapters of our life are perfectly in tune with our heart’s desires. Our life processes generate everyday joy and well-being. We handle surprises with grace, patience and trust. Then one day the life we are living feels out of sync with what we really desire. Disruptions occur. Patience and trust are out the window. Fear sets in.

Learning how to engage and awaken to a reality of new possibility, to find a new place of belonging and purpose is the path.

Questions arise: What should I do? How can things be different?
Patterns, supportive and destructive, hold us in place.

In Nature patterns are constantly changing, her elements ebb and flow influencing everything.

The only constant is change.

How do we harness the power of this constant to change our patterns and live out our heart’s desire?
Is there a dramatic change needed or can we rely on making small changes overtime to deliver results that seem miraculous?

Small, doable changes that we can build into a habits overtime are life changing.

Look to Nature’s principles of energy, change and vitality and find: healthy roots, sunshine, oxygen and water in life-giving balance day after day.

Self-care questions:

How do I root my day? What nourishes me today? What is meaningful in my life today? What is one small change I can make to nourish my roots everyday?

How do I bring joy to my day? What can I count on to bring joy to my day? What can I remove or add to bring greater joy to my days?

How do I open my mind to new ideas every day? Is there something I have longed to learn or study? Begin now.

How do I protect my spirit from the parch of worn out beliefs? What belief about myself can I test today?

QSELFCARE is your mobile application for living into the changes that support your heart’s desire.

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