The Zen Master of Longevity – Deborah Szekely

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Imagine you are about to celebrate your 92nd birthday. This evening you are moderating a panel discussion with chefs and Salk Institute scientists. The topic is “The Art and Science of Cuisine”. You are articulate, attentive, engaging and (thanks to 5 Pilates sessions a week) agile!

To do that you need to follow a path similar to Deborah Szekely, founder of Rancho La Puerta and the Golden Door. Deborah’s contributions to countless communities that renew our connection with natural health, Earth, food, exercise and Spirit are legendary. Deborah is a Zen Master of the Art and Science of Longevity.

The panel conclusion: To eliminate inflammation and enjoy lifelong health eat super fresh, local, raw foods and move your body.

“Until recently we didn’t know the basis for how inflammation really does contribute to so many chronic diseases.”- Reuben Shaw, Salk scientist

“Currently, about 40 million Americans are over 65, and by 2030 those numbers are expected to grow to more than 72 million. The incidence of “age-associated” disease is set to grow. Medical care spending is expected to increase another 25% by 2030. Medicare spending will grow from $555 billion in 20122 to $903 billion in 2020.” – Inside Salk

Just because you are approaching or are over 60 years of age doesn’t mean you must represent another bunch of $$$ signs in medical care spending!

As I watched and listened to Deborah Szekely last evening she reminded me that when I go “all in” for healthy, conscious nourishment of my body and mind; “all in” for contributing my best to life; and, “all in” for creating a Spirit and Mother Earth centered lifestyle … the possibility and probability of a healthy, happy, and vital reality grows … at any age. That is a big WHY. It’s never too late.

Neuroscience has debunked the outdated ideas that adults can’t change habits and behaviors, that adults are stuck in their ways, and that learning after a certain age is nearly impossible.

Commit don’t dabble. BRIGHTERSTEP is a good place to begin.

“The genes want to know everything that you’re taking into your body – everything – and they adapt to what you eat.” – Ron Evans, Salk scientist


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