Fallin’ in Love Again

We always carry bags on a beach walk.
Bags to collect and carry away the evidence of a human centric mindset.
The evidence is always non-biodegradeable plastic in every shape, color and size imaginable washed in another day as a reminder of unconscious humans.

Sometimes I wonder if “too tired” parents, or “totaled” teens, or the beautiful, focussed, head-setted, Nike clad runners flying by remember what it feels like to bury their toes in the sand, give in to the enchantment, bend to touch our singing Earth and sweep the beach with love. I hope so … it’s fallin’ in sweet love again.


Gifts of homegrown tomatoes in bags and baskets this summer have turned into roasted tomato and jalapeno pepper soup, frittata of tomato, basil and feta,and black salted slices devoured with avocado. The energetic signature of tomato is medicine for our lovin’ hearts! The first harvests are in and celebrated as Summer 2014 prepares for Autumn. There’s still time for a few more picnics and fresh heirloom tomato recipes!

“How can we expect to understand Nature unless we accept like children these her smallest gifts?”
-Henry David Thoreau

fallin' in love again

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