Life Will Be Perfect When


“I Will Have the Perfect Life When … ?” When that thought starts rolling around in your head it can make you feel excited about doing something or overwhelmed at how “far from perfect” your life seems.

It is helpful to remember that “perfect” is momentary. That’s the beauty of it. As an achiever and evolver one of the toughest challenges is to be able to recognize when a discomforting struggle is the “perfect” one for you. Getting to that perspective is a deep dive, an enlightening inquiry that catches the familiar golden thread that weaves through your life.

Personal inquiry as a daily practice works magic. When faced with times of struggle any form of personal inquiry can work miracles. One approach I use is to take a walk. Hold a thought about the struggle I am working through. Breathe deeply and relax, close my eyes for a minute or two. Next I open my eyes and whatever catches my eye first, I accept as the metaphoric answer. Inevitably there are qualities, features, feelings and processes within whatever I have found that enlighten my perspective on my own situation.

Photographer/adventurer, Cory Richards turns discomfort into soul-stirring art through his lens. That is cool.
Cory Richards lives in rich rapport with Earth and her natives. Yep, as far as we know, we and every other life form are all natives! It is easy to fall in love with Cory and his philosophy of life! Enjoy!

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