Water Consciousness and Your Success

BrighterStep Water

The indigenous Bodo people believe that water is sacred. Every pool, pond, stream, lake, creek, and ocean is KWINASANTI or Goddess of Peace.

Here we all flock to water for our summer holidays. While we happily circle our pools and lakes and line the sandy beaches water transforms us. This singular, most mysterious substance deserves our highest honor and appreciation. Generally, we don’t approach it in that space. What if we did? What if we changed our relationship this precious essence of life?

The fluency of H2O makes us think that what we do, how we use it or how we waste it doesn’t really matter. Water moves on. Now we know that water has a memory. This reality is astounding to us. Water structure changes based on words, environment, prayer, pollution and thought. It literally becomes more or less beautiful based on our energy!


Plants, animals and humans around the world are living in drought conditions. The Western U.S. is no exception yet, a visitor wouldn’t know it by the way we waste “H2O”. To us it is unimaginable that the “H2O” in gazillions of plastic bottles is rare, precious or sacred – it’s just healthy hydrating water.

If we called it Kwinasanti we would have a different relationship to water. “Goddess of Peace” conjures immense power, mystery and life-giving potential. Really, a kinder more loving relationship to this mysterious element might do us good. The shower, the morning’s first sip, the bath, the lemony chilled refresher, the pool, the ocean, the after workout steam would be infused with a new dimension of wonder in the moment. Water would become more than practical hydration it would be a conscious connection with every drop on our water planet. Try that for a moment now and again.

In the West we won’t be changing the name of water any time soon. You and I can change our relationship to water now. There are those that claim that bottled and tap water are dead. Maybe. If so, we killed it and according to research, we can bring it alive again with our appreciation, thought and innovative technologies.

There is genius in the bottle…yours. Your success in life is dependent upon your awareness and continual access to clean vibrant water. Experiment with this most essential and powerful substance. Rename it in your own life and good things will happen.

Live inspired. Make resource conservation and appreciation part of your daily practices at BrighterStep.

“If we fail to awaken to a new water consciousness~ our surviving civilization will only have stories of mythological proportion about the Living Age of Water ~ an Age when clean water and life force once existed in abundance.”- Water Voices from Around the World

Water: The Great Mystery’s Are Now Revealed from WorldClassWellness on Vimeo.

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