10 Habits For A Joyful Mind In A Healthy Body

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1. Self-Compassion: Some of our childhood wounds we would rather hide. For other wounds we seek understanding and compassion from outside ourselves. Guess what? When it comes to compassion for our wounds and experiences the most healing is self-compassion. Self-compassion fills our well and capacity for compassion for others, for our community, our Earth and the times we live in. “Impossible Compassion” by Edward Mannix is rather amazing. Mannix reminds readers that self-compassion is very different from the “poor little old me” of self-pity. Self-compassion is authentic, powerful and transformative. Self-compassion doesn’t negate, argue or deny an experience or feeling. Self-compassion accepts what is in a way that opens the door to transformation and a naturally greater compassion for all life. Our experience in life transforms from that point.

The other 9…
2. Move Your Body: Exercise joyfully for at least 30 -40 minutes most days of the week.

3. Stay Curious and Creative: Explore new ideas every day. Try new recipes, problem solving approaches and activities that stimulate your imagination and creativity

4. Be in Community: Nurture close-knit human bonds and your social support network.

5. Prime Your Spirit: Connect with your sources of inspiration through meditation and or prayer daily.

6. Appreciate Interdependence: Balance intake with output without waste. Make choices with future generations in mind.

7. Enjoy Environmental Simplicity: Embrace the peace and freedom that comes with enjoying a manageable, fluid, and supportive environment. Eliminate distracting clutter.

8. Aspire to Your Potential: Achieving daily, weekly and monthly goals builds confidence and generates feel good, pain reducing, and stress reducing molecules in your body and mind.
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9. Live With Gratitude: Gratitude is good medicine and practicing that feeling throughout your day reduces anxiety and fear. Combine gratitude with self-compassion and you will breathe easier. Keep a gratitude journal. Writing at least 3 entries every day boosts immunity and reduces depression.

10. Disconnect: Manage your screen time. Studies in Germany revealed that social media is more addictive than alcohol. Use the time you save by putting limits on your screen time to enjoy the first 9 habits!

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