Do You Need Help Making Positive Change?

The Las Vegas 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was a candy store of amazing gadgets, sensors and screens for the future you! Because most of us are “pre-sensor” and in still in need of daily support to activate our inner Jedi or wise woman for making smart choices – I am sharing the benefits of BRIGHTERSTEP, the web app that helps you make your positive change permanent.


If you’re frustrated by trying to stay focused on what works for you
– it’s best to get support.
With your personalized BRIGHTERSTEP program you will find it easier to say “no” to energy draining distractions and say “yes” to what works for you! That’s a big benefit!
Plus that’s more time and attention for what is best for you – better health, happier lifestyle, better finances, healthier relationships – your choice.

one size does not fit all

One size fits all was never a good idea! If you’ve tried that and failed – It’s best to make your own personal recipes for health and happiness. It’s OK to experiment, to take a few steps forward and a couple backward and make any adjustments that feel right to you – no matter what anyone else thinks. Your customized BRIGHTERSTEP program makes it easier for you to keep making the positive choices that move your needle in the right direction. Your results will be more confidence and greater progress.

yoga zumba weight-loss

What do Paleo, Vegan, Zumba, Nutri-Systems, Walking, Running, Jenny Craig, Work-Out Videos, Yoga, Vegetarian, Cardio, Pilates, Green Juice, Calorie Tracker, Fit Bit, Form-Fitting Clothes, Food Journal, Dance Classes, Beach Body DVD, Weight-Loss Center, Metabolic Boosters, Herbs, 2,000 Calorie Diet, Weight Watchers, Nike Fuel Band, Hiking, Swimming, Surfing, Volumetrics, Rewards, Elliptical, Tummy Tucks, Low-Carb, No-Carb, Hot Yoga, and Spin have in common?

They’re ONLY successful when they fit your lifestyle and make you feel good about yourself. Bring what fits for you into your personal BRIGHTERSTEP program, check off your successes and enjoy your results!

bonus program

You’ll feel empowered to change something in your life if you don’t like it.
You’ll choose the kind of life you want to live – even when other’s don’t understand your choices.
You’ll manage your time, attention, resources, energy and money more confidently – saying “yes” to what works and “no” to what doesn’t.


Hey, I am always up for a conversation about this project. Have an idea? Would love to hear from you!
If you decide to try BRIGHTERSTEP sign up with the code JUMPSTART – that way you will begin with an easy to edit template.

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