5 Simple Steps for Habit Change

Are You In the Mood for Positive Change? Do you need a reliable, flexible support system. Read on to discover how you can use BRIGHTERSTEP to deliver your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use BRIGHTERSTEP to make positive changes permanent?

BRIGHTERSTEP is a simple 5 step system that keeps you moving in the direction of your dreams, desires and goals.

EXAMPLE: Say you want to follow Dr. Oz’s Quick Weight Loss program and use BRIGHTERSTEP for support.

Step 1.Take a moment to go beyond your immediate short term goal and ask yourself “Why you want to lose the weight”. The larger your “Why” the more powerful it is for keeping you on track to say “yes” to what is good for you and “no” to what doesn’t bring you closer to achieving your “Why”. Enter “Why” you are doing this.

Step 2. Enter your action steps.
The daily action steps Dr. Oz‘s Quick Weight Loss program are:

  1. Say no to wheat
  2. Say no to artificial sweeteners
  3. Say no to white sugar
  4. Say no to alcohol
  5. Say no to caffeine (except Green Tea)
  6. Say no to dairy (except Greek yogurt)
  7. Take a probiotic in the morning
  8. Take a multivitamin daily
  9. Take a Detox bath every night
  10. No eating after 8 PM

Add each of those items to your BRIGHTERSTEP action plan.

Step 3. Upload a few visualizations to your action plan. Select images of how you feel, how you will look and what you will be doing as you reach your goal.

Step 4. Everyday check off your list of completed actions in BRIGHTERSTEP and you will build momentum to stay on track. With BRIGHTERSTEP you have the option to receive your action list e-mailed daily. Use your BRIGHTERSTEP Journal. Research shows that making note of what you learned and what you are grateful for every day boosts your self-esteem and your immune system. That’s a cool double whammy for only a little effort!

Step 5. If you find that doing everything in your action plan perfectly is too big a step to take. Make adjustments in your plan. Maybe a detox bath every night is impossible ~ edit the frequency and take your next step forward.

It is easy to get out of a rut when you know what you want to change and use BRIGHTERSTEP to help you do it!

What difference does knowing your “Why” make?

When you want to make a positive change, quit a habit, or take a positive step forward into a healthier lifestyle, healthier relationship, or even leap into a new business endeavor you need a big, clear reason “WHY”. The bigger your “Why” the more likely you will be to stick to your positive choices everyday. With BRIGHTERSTEP all of your positive steps and goals are connected to any big personal “Why”.

Is BRIGHTERSTEP similar to a vision board?

A vision board is a powerful tool that keeps your focus on what you desire to create in life. It makes it easier to say “yes” to what you desire and “no” to the choices that don’t work for you. It is true that an image is worth a thousand words ~ positive visual images are most helpful when they are linked to your action plan. BRIGHTERSTEP links your personal vision with your “Why” and your action plan. You move much faster towards fulfilling your desires with BRIGHTERSTEP.

How do you cancel an account?

Simply email to life@brighterstep.com with your request.

BRIGHTERSTEP RECOMMENDED RESOURCES to create your unique action plan steps for living healthy, happy and inspired: 

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Chris Kresser – Health for the 21st Century Preventing Heart Disease

American Heart Association – Steps to manage stress

Don’t wait, take your next step, a baby step, a brighter step into the life that awaits you…!!!

Do you need a boost getting started?

No problem. Enter the code brighterstep on the registration page and your account will load with your free beginner template.

Other questions or comments?
e-mail life@brighterstep.com

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