Is Reinvention In Your Future?

I love learning about successful personal and career reinvention. The outer journey of moving from one creative endeavor to the next whether that is a conscious choice or due to unanticipated circumstances is always mirrored by a courageous and sometimes hugely unsettling, heart pounding inner journey. The last one is a soul testing reinvention.

When we choose reinvention we head out, plan in hand, clear path ahead, making our next steps with confidence, certainty and passion. When unplanned reinvention is the only way forward it is as if a great fog lands, the path is not clear, the plan is uncertain and you only see your next step as your foot is reaching the ground. Successful reinvention, whether personal or business, is accomplished by changing patterns and processes. The key is tenacious practice. BRIGHTERSTEP has tools that help you accomplish your successful reinvention.

Watch Karen X. Cheng show where tenacity and practice lead as she masters the art of dance in 365 days.

Opportunities for reinvention are everywhere.

Reinventing our home environments for greater health is important to us and future generations.
This article in MOTHER EARTH LIVING provides an excellent guide for reducing obseogens from our environment. Obesogens are the chemicals that are making us and future generations fatter.

Reinventing our relationship to our screens is a big one. According to Richard Watson, author of Future Minds, we really need to think more deeply about how the pros and cons of digital technology and the human experience. Thanks to the technology we can see the Karen X. Cheng reinvent her dance abilities. She only did that by getting away from her screen.


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