Name to Last – Startup Wisdom

Startup Wisdom – Name to Last

I have always liked “miracle cures” that work. Raw goat’s milk is one such healing agent for my Wheaton Terrier Finnegan. It is, without question, the fountain of youthing! So much so, that my husband is considering drinking a few shots everyday.

Finnegan finished off the last of a quart yesterday. We were out of his liquid gold and this dire situation mined a bit of branding, naming, startup gold.

We already know that naming anything after you may not be the best idea unless you and only you are the brand and the business forever and ever amen.

We are discovering that getting completely wrapped up in the “.com” formula will make a founder crazy. Elements of the naming formula:
1. The name needs to connect to your product or service;
2. Does it have trademark potential?
3. Can it be misinterpreted in English or any other language?
4. Good names have no more than 3 or 4 syllables.
5. Is the .com AVAILABLE at a the minimal cost of $12.99/year?

Today this naming formula leads to the fringe, the edge, the fantastical, the confusing, the “what?”

What does raw goat’s milk have to do with startup wisdom? Here’s the slurp:

I often shop at Dirty Dogs. Two weeks ago they said they would be stocking raw goat’s milk, my Finnegan’s liquid gold. I was on the road, started SIRI, asked for Dirty Dogs, and connected. They were out of stock.

Next choice. Muttropolis. Great store. Terrific inventory. Ask SIRI to search the web for “Muttropolis”. OMG. Impossible!
“Here is a list of nine movies named “Metropolis”.” “Searching the web for “much trouble list”.

Name to Last: The missing variable of the STARTUP brand, app, business or baby naming formula is: Will SIRI understand you?

Failing on something is part of every startup. I followed the first formula to land, a name that relates to “personal growth and health”, cannot be misinterpreted in English or any other language, is three syllables if you say “Q” “Self” “Care”, might have trademark potential and was available for $12.99

Ask SIRI… OMG. “Do you want me to search the web for “Cute Self Care”?”

Name to last: Check with SIRI!

Startups pitching at Women 2.0 November 14 -16 and passing the SIRI litmus test include: Travelling Spoon, Daily Dollar, Care Booker and Care LuLu

Next Step? Rename our web app.


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