Finding The Silver Lining In A Recession

A great astrologer once told me that when planet Mercury is in retrograde it is the ideal time to “re” things in general. A recession is just like that and now is the time to rethink the way we are doing things, plan and implement improvements. Review our systems, rewire our connections, relax in body and mind, redesign our lives and businesses, refresh our spirits, reclaim what is most important in our lives, recalibrate the quality and quantity of our consumption, and reenergize and redream ourselves and our businesses around a new paradigm.

One thought on “Finding The Silver Lining In A Recession

  1. Hi Rhana – I came across you via LinkedIn and my connection there with Michael Stusser. I agree with what you are saying here about the opportunity that now presents being one of getting back to basics and re-minding ourselves about our values. I’ve been writing a bit about this too on my own blog …

    … and invite you to visit and perhaps connect on LinkedIn too.

    Warmly, Sara

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