Tao means “a Way”. The arts, sciences and crafts of the East were taught as a Tao, a method of self-cultivation and self-realization.

Our contemporary and limiting descriptors of Spa include: sanctuary, escape, haven, retreat, oasis, cloud nine, pampering palace, etc. These concepts capture our imagination and a facet of “spa” … there is so much more.

“Spa” is a way of life, a way of being, a path of wellness, and a method of self-cultivation and reconnection. The Tao of Spa connects us to the expansiveness of life, beauty and mystery. It is “a way” of care, appreciation, community, generosity, aspiration, awareness, connection, and wellness. The Tao of Spa connects us with the inherent healing gifts of our nature and the potency of our creative universe.

Resilience is not a luxury; resilience is the wellspring we require to sustainably flourish.

The Tao of Spa is a path of Resilience.

Now is the time to change contexts: leave behind the “spa escape” and live “spa wellness”.

See John Marshall Roberts on “Igniting Inspiration” and living our roles as visionaries.

One thought on “TAO of SPA

  1. THANK YOU Rhana!

    I had the privilege of listening to John Marshall Roberts at LOHAS this past year – but I forgot just how much his vision AND his ability to communicate it clearly makes me “tingle” and WANT to achieve sustainable inspiration.

    Starting today, starting with myself I will wear a new set of lens.

    Thank you for sharing and reminding me “resilience is the wellspring we all require to sustainably flourish”!

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