Who are the leaders that leave no stone unturned, that break every limiting rule, that gratefully welcome every country who can help, and accept all the resources offered? Who are the leaders standing by our precious planetary home?

Heartbreak 2010 – the Gulf of Mexico disaster and the Gulf of Consciousness crisis. Perhaps in the presence of this growing and unfathomable loss; in the presence of this evidence of the GULF between how we live today and our highest potential as human beings, we will begin to question everything.

Courageous leadership is found in our own awakened hearts.

New technologies ride on the wings of our dreams for greater life and greater abundance. As our aching hearts cry for relief from unchecked greed and power, our dreams for planetary wellness and beauty will materialize through our courage to question. When we do –breakthrough is inevitable.

What if each of us accepts the Gulf tragedy as our own?
What if we adopt the star of Zero Waste as a guide to our daily living and stop wasting oil or sending goods produced from oil into the landfills?
What if we step out of powerlessness and blame and act from an awakened heart?

Connecting the destruction that is happening in the Gulf of Mexico to our habits awakens our hearts and minds to change.

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