Self-Talk is Your 24/7 Technology

Self -Talk is Your Life-Altering Technology The Shalom Institute is off of Mulholland highway in the Malibu hills. Early Saturday morning we took off in that direction from San Diego. Our plan was to spend the morning with Stacey J. Warner, certified Equus and Life Coach and Sandra Dee Robinson, founder of, and super savvy Media Coach in their “Leadership Communication through Horses intimate experience”. … Continue reading Self-Talk is Your 24/7 Technology

“Oh…you’re OK.” Really?

“Oh… you’re OK.” It’s a good phrase to comfort a child who has had a scrape. It is not a good phrase to use on your customer! Yesterday I was with a friend at lunch – we were nearly finished with our meal when an employee entered the room vacuuming. He came closer and closer to our table when I decided to relocate with the … Continue reading “Oh…you’re OK.” Really?

Do You Need Help Making Positive Change?

The Las Vegas 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was a candy store of amazing gadgets, sensors and screens for the future you! Because most of us are “pre-sensor” and in still in need of daily support to activate our inner Jedi or wise woman for making smart choices – I am sharing the benefits of BRIGHTERSTEP, the web app that helps you make your positive … Continue reading Do You Need Help Making Positive Change?

Name to Last – Startup Wisdom

Startup Wisdom – Name to Last I have always liked “miracle cures” that work. Raw goat’s milk is one such healing agent for my Wheaton Terrier Finnegan. It is, without question, the fountain of youthing! So much so, that my husband is considering drinking a few shots everyday. Finnegan finished off the last of a quart yesterday. We were out of his liquid gold and … Continue reading Name to Last – Startup Wisdom