Self-Talk is Your 24/7 Technology

Self -Talk is Your Life-Altering Technology The Shalom Institute is off of Mulholland highway in the Malibu hills. Early Saturday morning we took off in that direction from San Diego. Our plan was to spend the morning with Stacey J. Warner, certified Equus and Life Coach and Sandra Dee Robinson, founder of, and super savvy Media Coach in their “Leadership Communication through Horses intimate experience”. … Continue reading Self-Talk is Your 24/7 Technology

Holiday Thoughts

Rewrites are good! 350,000 human births on Earth everyday, in a world filled with promise, where Nature rules (If you have a pet you know that is true!) Here, we are enlived by lofty perspective, skillful and nourishing practice, startling generosity and occasional rescues from the missed perception: Everything is Connected. Pause for a welcome breath and remember…. Continue reading Holiday Thoughts

To Do: Contentment

Salvatore Zambito, rogue scholar, yoga teacher and author of The Unadorned Thread shared his wit and wisdom on the inner practice of yoga last Sunday at the La Jolla Yoga Center. He said: “Before you go through Bliss, you must go through Contentment.” A simple directive. Listening to conversations…there is a shortage of contentment. Why? Contentment requires practice. When the content of the moment is … Continue reading To Do: Contentment