FLOW and the Zone of Genius

What happens when we make feeling good a priority? “Feeling good”, is feeling clarity, balance, big chi, wonder and exhilaration.Gay Hendricks, renowned author and consultant reveals in his fantastic new book, “The Big Leap”, that feeling good is essential to living in our “Zone of Genius”, a big leap beyond our “Zones of Excellence and Competence”. This guide to growing our awareness of what is limiting us and for defining our unique gift is essential to anyone in a process of reinvention and everyone who senses the need to express on a higher level. Based on our current challenges that could be an epic number of people!

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Life, The Meta-Game

“It is this obsession with the word as a space where we find ourselves and share our memory….” -Jaume Plensa Words create context. Jane McGonigal’s book “Reality is Broken” is a treatise on the power of virtual and alternative reality games. The unique language of the gaming world artfully influences the player experience. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are engaged in shifting their experience … Continue reading Life, The Meta-Game