What’s Your Gift?

“Life is the one gift we are always unwrapping.” Our season of gift giving, shopping and celebration is rich with surprises, memories, joys, gatherings and pressures. Some set a high bar to do and be “it all”. Now more than ever people are reaching out to share joy and hope creatively.  We have a game in our organization. Each person identifies their intrinsic “gifts” from … Continue reading What’s Your Gift?

The New Lean

“We thought we knew how to predict the future and we were wrong.” –Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup Last night we enjoyed three hours of Eric Ries storming through the key ideas in his book The Lean Startup. The sustainability concept of Zero Waste (nothing to landfill) meets Lean Startup (anything that doesn’t deliver validated learning is waste). Wow. Time flew. We all … Continue reading The New Lean