Integrating Self-Compassion

Prevention and recovery are both improved by an integrative lifestyle.

If making lifestyle changes to improve health and well-being seems like an impossible task take a look at Jean Fain’s video Thinspiration. Jean teaches at Harvard Medical School and is the author of The Self-Compassion Diet. The video blog is less than six minutes and guides you into a calm state of balance and the feeling of “can do”, “can change” and “can grow”. After watching it a couple of times I found myself in a “can do” state of mind with energy to complete a huge project and make time for an extra yoga class. Amazing.

To follow the advice of Appetite for Health dieticians and fitness eperts, Julie Upton and Katherine Brooking we have to slow down or learn to reallocate time. Their suggestions for improving health and reducing excess weight: sit at a table and put distractions aside while eating; enjoy time in Nature every day; set aside at least 15 minutes a day to quiet the mind; and, enjoy time for your favorite exercises daily. These essential practices are necessary for an integrative lifestyle.

Where do we find the time to live with self-compassion everyday?

Bernie Siegel MD recommends not listening to or reading the news and being fully engaged in self-care. Dr. Siegel’s enlightening definition of what it means to be a “patient” is shared by Tami Boehmer in her blog “Incurable to Incredible”. a powerful motivator towards making integrative health practices a way of life whether we are battling a disease or healthy.

In his book “Laughter is the Best Medicine”,circa 1970’s, Dr. Siegel awakened us to a pharmaceutical powerhouse – our own body. Understanding this is a powerful motivator towards making integrative health practices a way of life. Dr. Siegel answers questions on his blog!

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