Is there a Magician in Your Metaphor?

My research on personal empowerment and transformation led to David Grove’s work: “Clean Language”. From the outset my experience of “Clean Language”, a therapeutic and/or coaching approach, felt like entering a parallel universe devoid of opinion, advice, assumption, and projection.
Imagine that universe! Sweet genius!

In “Clean”, as practitioners refer to it, the “secret sauce” for changing our experience is held within our own metaphors. For the most part we are unaware that we express metaphors at the rate of six per minute!

I was fortunate to sign on to Judy Rees’s X-Ray Listening site and receive an invitation for a complimentary “Sweet Spot” session, an experience of “Clean Language”.

The possibility of finding my “sweet spot” seemed like a very good idea. Judy’s structured word and phrase volley and finely tuned listening skills are impressive. I decided to go further by signing up for Judy’s twelve-session program in order to optimize the quality of my attention and efforts towards a startup business venture.

Eric Reis, author and developer of Lean Startup describes a startup as: “a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty”. Entering into the business orbit of “extreme uncertainty”, I sought help!

Excited to move forward with my startup efforts I found myself feeling held back by nagging issues of unfinished business, fears of repeating lessons, old patterns and memories…it felt 24/7 like a “a ball and chain”. Rather than focus on my strengths and successes I felt distracted by the ghosts of perceived failures, unproductive entanglements, and old, rather painful patterns. I took my “ball and chain” to Judy for a Clean Language session. The “aha!” “OMG!” flashes instantly shifted my attention.

The ripple effect continues two weeks later playing out organically and profoundly influencing my perceptions, decisions and experience. Sweet!

Change your metaphor change your life.

The exclamation point came last week when my in-box linked to the video of Shirley, the elephant who endured two decades chained at the ankle and deprived of the company of other elephants. She was finally released, reunited with an old friend and moved into an open, lush glorious environment. Everything changed. Shirley’s story glistens with the joy and tears of coming home. “Clean Language” is like that … it holds the possibility of a homecoming to freedom from outdated metaphors and an experience of hidden resources.

With Judy Rees’s X-Ray Listening, her intelligence and intuition, plus the added bonus of her international marketing experience, on board I feel far better prepared to enter the startup realm of “extreme uncertainty”. Now that’s SWEET!

Find Shirley’s Story on KarmaTube, the source for inspirational videos. Enter “Shirley” in the search box.

3 thoughts on “Is there a Magician in Your Metaphor?

  1. Sweet! Unleashing metaphors steps to freedom, we all need to experience what its like to be let off the leash of habitual thinking! Thanks Rhana

  2. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story Rhana.

    The thought of our personal development being like a start-up company knowly going into “extreme uncertainty” is an fascinating metaphor that opens up all sorts of new notions. It reminds me of when I first came across Robert Fritz’s idea that we can consider our life as like creating our own piece of art.

    Best wishes for your new venture

    James Lawley

    1. Thank you, James.

      Yes, “extreme uncertainty” is an edgy state of not knowing whether we are going to fall off or fly. Robert Fritz’s concept is captured by artist Juame Plensa in his
      amazing sculptures of humans made from the alphabet…great metaphor for Clean Language!

      The very best wishes to you


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