Become the Change?

“You must become the change you want to see in the world.”
– Mahatma Ghandi

In his talk on the Evolution of Consciousness, Shore Slocum shares the above quote, which is often misquoted as “be the change”.

In the spirit of “becoming the change”, I recently expressed my concerns about the declining level of service at a favorite shop catering to our beloved canines. The employee response included several nonsensical excuses and a final: “You are the first person to complain.” The words “thank you” were not spoken…

The volume of negative firebomb reviews posted on YELP might shrink if businesses and organizations became clear about and communicated their commitment to becoming more valuable to their communities. Engaging clients and team members in an effort towards evolving our shared experience requires a fresh approach in messaging. There is room for change at Point of Sale and on Social Media pages.

The shop employee and I will have a very different interaction if this business mantra is highlighted at the POS:

I.E. “We are committed to becoming your vital resource for all your pet’s grooming and nutritional needs. We appreciate your invaluable feedback and ideas for our continued development. Thank you.”

Power to profoundly shape our experience is present in everyday expressions. The chasm of difference between to “be” and to “become” is vast…. have we arrived at absolute or are we evolving together?


Is my business/organization in a “holding pattern” of “being” something, selling something or in a pattern of “becoming” more vital to our employees, clients, customers and community?

Do our products and services help our clients or customers “become” more? How? And, what is the value of that “becoming”?

Is that message getting through?

What about me? Am I in a “holding pattern” of trying to “be” someone or am I living in the spirit of “becoming”?

View Shore Slocum’s talk here:

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