There is Power in Your Text

Have you ever had a day when your story sounds tattered and trivial? A time when messages sound hollow and repetitive?

How can we light a spark in someone else if ….?

I might not want the cookie but I’ll crack it open to read the fortune. There might be surprise, delight or imagination inside. And, it might be momentary relief from the numbing blizzard of bad news that streams and pours from every paper and channel.

“We behave according to our story.”

We are telling ourselves too many bad stories and believing the energy draining stories told to us: “I don’t make a difference”, “You are not good, smart, pretty, rich, or young enough”, “There is not enough to go around”, “There is no solution”, “There is no cure”, “It doesn’t matter”, “They are all crooks”, “We can’t change anything anyway”, “You have no power”, “We have ruined the world”, “yada yada…”.

Inspired by hopeful conversation and good wine a couple of us decided to rebel.

We agreed to prioritize a daily practice of sending unexpected short texts of kind compliments and encouragements to different people. We choose from co-workers, clients, managers, mentors, family, employees, former employees, friends and whomever we wish to send a sincere and positive message. Our goal is texting 6 to 8 people we appreciate every day.

The results and responses are amazing. For instance how do we live into our 40’s and never hear someone say to us “You are extraordinary!”? Why does it come as a surprise when a family member reads a positive note from us? And, why are people suspicious when we reach out with an expression of cheer?

We can power up our communications and quality of connection to express more than the ordinary and expected. On the surface this practice of Power Texting might look like another “to do”… don’t worry this is definitely more about “being” than “doing”!

By the way… You are extraordinary!

10 million people have watched the attached video on the Power of Words! Awesome!

One thought on “There is Power in Your Text

  1. Thanks for sharing. What an incredibly powerful video! It is amazing how one unsolicited message can affect so much positive change.

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