To Do: Contentment

Salvatore Zambito, rogue scholar, yoga teacher and author of The Unadorned Thread shared his wit and wisdom on the inner practice of yoga last Sunday at the La Jolla Yoga Center. He said: “Before you go through Bliss, you must go through Contentment.”

A simple directive. Listening to conversations…there is a shortage of contentment. Why?

Contentment requires practice. When the content of the moment is exactly attuned to my heart, I am there.

Contentment takes an effort. It comes from pouring body, mind and heart into something I love. Whether that is a “world-changing” project, working with a new recipe or a zillion other possibilities.

Contentment grows when we note the moments, breathe them in, and share them.

While driving home from this thought-provoking afternoon of yoga sutra insight I looked across a valley to the East and there on the horizon a splendid full moon was rising and over the Pacific to the West the grand gold and amber light of the setting sun answered. I felt instantly transported from my place on the freeway to my place in our solar system… contentment was mine.

What inspires your contentment?

The Art of Self-Care, journal and process for wellness is now available on Blurb.

Thanks to edits by calligrapher Judythe Sieck and art therapist Ellen Speert I am content and pleased to make this journal/workbook available for you!

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