Take a Breather

“I used to run from my yesterdays
Marvelous moved in and turned
all my attention toward
possibles and purpose
in my life.
She is a wild and sensible guest.”

-Rhana Pytell

Marvelous often changes presence: Friend, lover, child, teacher, mentor, beloved puppy, et al. Each brings a message, a light that illumines the universe for us. One marvelous friend transitioned on August 18th along with 250,000 other people. (I put that in to soften the shock and my sorrow. We all live in painfully fragile togetherness.) http://www.worldometers.info/
340,000 more were born into this grand mystery on August 18th.

The life instructions this Marvelous woman left with me are to not keep anything bottled up inside – dance it out, play it out, sing it out, write it out. We must, otherwise whatever it is will start trying to find its own way out and that will not feel good.

And to check my thoughts – if I cannot take a deep belly breath while I think or believe whatever is going through my neurocircuitry – it probably is not true and is certainly not helpful to me.

Try it. Try intentionally thinking something negative about yourself or someone else and breathing deeply at the same time. Like me, you probably stopped breathing for a second.

Now take in another glorious belly breath with thoughts and feelings that nourish you. There is a way forward.

Marvelous Joy Doherty lived to expand our perspective of beauty. See some of her legacy here.

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