Stress changes our DNA

Stress management is core for optimum performance and health.

When we experience acute stress our gene receptors are changed. This change is known as the methylation of DNA and it is present in cancer and chronic disease.

Researchers from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), together with colleagues from Basel, Trier and London published the results of their study this week in Translational Psychiatry. (It’s complicated…just saying).

“Every belief, feeling and thought changes us from the inside out.”

Learning to recognize our internal state and shift on demand takes practice.

Meditation, deep breathing, prayer, mantra, music, and nature are ways to regain some control over our internal stress. Find your “go to” practice.

Can we learn to manage the acute stress of a possible chronic disease diagnosis and improve our outcome? No one knows. Researchers are now concerned with the effects of a false diagnosis on our health.

Learning, planning and taking best self-care steps for physical, mental and emotional wellness during and following diagnostics and treatments is the first most important commitment we can make towards restoring our health.

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