Good Questions

I read a short essay by Caitlin Matthews on perseverance, authority and authenticity. It pinged my sweet spot and reminded me that being my authentic self is the natural result from asking certain questions and living the answers.

Good questions for revealing our authentic self:

1.How do I gain vitality? What drains my vitality?
2.Who/what do I need to control?
3.To whom/what do I consistently relinquish power?
4.What do I need for self-nurture?
5.Which old repeating patterns prevent me living in balance?

My answers change with the ebb and flow of life with the exception of question number two. “Who/what do I need to control?”

My reliable answer:
“My repetitive thoughts and unquestioned beliefs.”
Automatic pilot, cruise control and driverless cars are convenient except when they are metaphors for my mind.

Setting aside time to answer the five questions brought authentic personal choices to my radar.

Making those choices eliminates obstacles, provides stability and delivers the personal sweet spot.

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