The Gift of a Next Step: Certainty


“Sometimes our only certainty is the quality of our Next Step: being present and prepared.”

Over the weekend I attended a one day workshop on creating healthy children, families and communities. An important focus of the work is on ways to stop bullying in schools.

We engaged in a guided personal process recalling an experience of being bullied. This opened us to compassionate speaking and listening. We had 30 seconds each to share with a partner. No wallowing in this group!

When we came to the section on creating the future our exercises included this: “Name the obsticles (real misspell) that keep you from making Your Dreams come true.” My spirit wilted.

What happens to our energy when we put our attention on obstacles? A battle in the realm of “obstuckles”? Been there, done that.
What happens when we place our attention on our Next Steps? Presence, focus and freedom. Big relief!

No matter how uncertain the world feels we all have something we can count on moment to moment. This is it:
“The one certainty we can consistently generate and experience is the quality of our next step.”

A consistent, continuous, and courageous Next Step approach reduces anxiety, and provides a sense of fulfillment and inner peace every step of the way…no matter how audacious a dream we hold for ourselves, our families, businesses and communities.

The Next Step is Now.

Here is a great tool for making your next steps great.

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