Write It Into Life

Is the most empowering revelation of the 21st century neuroplasticity? Brain research continues to offer new insights into how our brain works, how we learn, and how every physical movement is promoting the development of new neuro-pathways. According to experts in neuroscience cursive handwriting improves cognition, learning, and semantic and ideation power. Powerup!

If by writing our daily affirmations, dreams and plans we can improve our creativity and learning skills while increasing the probability of fulfilling our intentions let’s do it! Select one new habit you would like to make a part of your life. Write the statement in the first person and affirmative every day for 120 days and see what happens.

Example: “I receive and assimilate everything that my body and mind require for optimum health and performance on a daily basis.” Sometimes it can take a few iterations before arriving at the ideal statement. Improve on it as necessary.

Watch out for what author Gay Hendricks writes about in his book “The Big Leap”, the “ULP” or the “Upper Limit Problem”. In short, “ULP” shows up when we put a limit on how good we can feel and how fully we can experience our potential. It is the place where we quit. Avoid this by keeping your daily writing process short, sweet, simple and thoughtfully done.

If within the 120 days you have the new habit completely assimilated into your life then select another.
Keep a few notes on the changes you notice in your behaviors and choices along the way.

Neuroscientist, Michael Merzenich, wrote about new findings related to learning, childhood education, hand, mind and cursive writing here: Hand Mind Symposium Although somewhat technical, it is well worth a read.

Now live life as an experiment!

One thought on “Write It Into Life

  1. I’ve been repeating a carefully crafted affirmation every day, numerous times for a couple of weeks. We shall see.

    Also, someone once told me to WRITE the affirmation 15 times to make it even more powerful so thanks for reminding me with this article! —Judythe

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