My “To Do” Redux

When we can’t find happiness…guess who moved?

Maybe life is too short for my “to do” list.   For certain I will never get it all done.  Even when my enthusiasm and passion for making a difference wakes me up at 4 AM urging me on…

With laser like focus I embrace my mission and purpose, narrow my field of vision and accomplish as much as possible.  It’s  a great state until the uncertain, mysterious and marvelous in nature forces my hand and delivers the realization that I am leaving some life giving loose ends behind.

It is time to check my “tradeoffs”, turn off auto pilot and design something new. 

When we are ready the clues appear:

In his book, “The User Illusion – Cutting Consciousness Down To Size” physicist, Tor Norretranders writes that our sense of overwhelm and stress is coming from our tendency to choose too narrow a bandwidth (too much of one medium) and that we are not overwhelmed we are bored.

Happiness is a function of bandwidth.

Insight:  My “To Do” list, Blackberry, Outlook, and Calendar aren’t stressing me they are boring me!  I took every entry and recoded each of them to reflect what aspect of my life the action represents. Is it my health, family, career, community, or finance etc.? This exercise helps us learn what is missing and what is out of balance. On the other side of that process, I found breathing room and a heart resonant life landscape of possibility, better health and high productivity.

This video illustrates the shift from the transformative potential of linear “to do” towards a context of connection to body, mind, spirit and Earth:

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Your time is precious, thank you for reading!

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