Take a Walk into the Future


“New Year’s Day is a time for reading the omens of a fresh beginning. Divine the possibilities of the year ahead in this simple way.”

-Caitlin Matthews “The Celtic Spirit”


Take a walk.

“Before you set off for your walk, tune your intentions to the unfolding year ahead. Begin your walk, attentive to everything about you including mythscape, story, and feeling. If you come across something that draws your attention, listen and intuitively reach out for its meaning. It might come as a subtle understanding. Continue until you have had 12 such experiences. Each time intuit, without needing a rational explanation, why your attention is being engaged. Review the omens in the order you experienced them, relating them successively to the months of the new year. Check back next New Year’s Eve. ”

I looked at the possibilities in the year ahead through the lens of an entrepreneur with an early stage startup. QSELFCARE.COM

A one-legged Godwit (really that is the name of the bird) delivered a humorous and humbling moment.
The White-tailed Kite was incredible scene with her ability to hover. A quality every entrepreneur needs!

If you can’t view it in this blog. Here ’tis on YouTube. Mythscape

Best wishes for a splendid New Year!

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