Why Change Anything?


Why Change Anything?

Studies show that the average age an American woman thinks about improving her health is 34. With the roaring twenties behind and informed choices about family and children, work or career in the forefront good health becomes central to our happiness and success. Habits, positive or negative have unseen roots. Some can be unconsciously learned behaviors or taken on from others. When we want to make a positive change we may find ourselves feeling stuck. People around us may question our decisions. Something in our environment may make changing habits and behaviors challenging. For instance, if you decide to improve your nutrition and everyone around you is clamouring for fast food and sweets how do you find the strength to stick to your decision?

WHY-POWER always makes exercising your will-power easier. Will-power can falter without a strong WHY.
WHY-POWER is the outcome you wish to experience.
WHY-POWER is unique to you. Please remember you do not need to justify it or explain it to anyone.

A specific and heartfelt WHY has the energy to see you through the habit or behavior change process.
You will succeed.

When asked why you are taking action the answer always begins with “Because I am…..”.
That statement is your INTENTION! You own it!
It is your WHY-POWER, trust it!

If you are working with the app QSELFCARE add your “I am” statement in the Intention section of the life area where you are creating change.

Reveal the awesome in you!

What to watch for:
1. Confusing someone else’s “WHY” for your own. (This can be a BIG problem! Don’t do it!)
2. Thinking that your “WHY” is less important than another’s. (Another BIG problem! Don’t do it!)
3. Any tendency to forget your “WHY“. QSELFCARE helps you remember.

Access your “Why-Power!”

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