The Code of Self-Care

“There is rarely a “right” decision for any stage in disease. There’s one for you, but there is no single “right” decision. – David Agus MD

According to author David Agus MD “The End of Illness” is a reachable state.

Here is what we need to do:

Eat nutrient dense foods every day on a schedule. It could be 2 meals and a snack, 3 meals, or 5 small meals; a predictable routine is more important than frequency.
Our bodies thrive on routine and the consequence of skipping meals is a flood of the stress hormone, cortisol.

No random snacking. Depending on vitamins and supplements for nourishment rather than good food is a mistake.

Move. Move. Move. And, enjoy it! When we have a desk job keep a pair of free weights to use, a head-set that allows us to walk and talk and a reminder system to keep us active. Agus references a study that shows sitting for hours is as detrimental as smoking! He states that in one study “researchers found that C-reactive protein, a marker for inflammation and heart disease, is twice as high in people who spent four hours sitting in front of a computer than people who spent fewer than two.” For some of us this is a major a challenge to moderate…how creative can we become? Our health depends on it!”

Eliminate low-grade irritation in all forms. Wearing uncomfortable shoes not only affects our feet it is disrupting our entire system. Maybe there is a point when our body stops fighting the inflammation we are causing? We know what happens next.

Empower through knowledge. Dr. Agus includes a need to know “checkup landscape”: the recommended checklist of tests available from a simple blood draw; what the results reveal; and what lifestyle changes may improve our outcomes. Invaluable.

There is a major paradigm shift – “Cancer is something that the body does” and not “gets”.

It is unfortunate that the advocacy of statins may stop some people from benefiting from this groundbreaking, belief busting tome. I had the same response to “ I am a huge advocate of statins” and “Until proven otherwise, most people should be taking statins after the age of forty…”. Many people have become highly sensitive to being oversold on pharmaceuticals as well as distrustful and fearful of the motivations of the system.

I urge anyone interested in cultivating optimum health to delve further into this transformative message of self-care.

Kudos and thank you to Dr. David Agus for sharing is wisdom, insight and experience.

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