Personal Accountability?

Leadership Freak Leading, by default, creates accountability. Deadlines, projects, problems, meetings, and deliverables naturally create leadership accountability. What about personal accountability? I’ve never been held accountable for personal habits. Sure, I’ve been corrected many times, but I’ve never been in a proactive relationship where someone checked up on me. Have you? An Illustration Marshall Goldsmith has a personal coach and friend that holds him accountable. … Continue reading Personal Accountability?

Name to Last – Startup Wisdom

Startup Wisdom – Name to Last I have always liked “miracle cures” that work. Raw goat’s milk is one such healing agent for my Wheaton Terrier Finnegan. It is, without question, the fountain of youthing! So much so, that my husband is considering drinking a few shots everyday. Finnegan finished off the last of a quart yesterday. We were out of his liquid gold and … Continue reading Name to Last – Startup Wisdom

10 Habits For A Joyful Mind In A Healthy Body

10 HABITS FOR A JOYFUL MIND IN A HEALTHY BODY 1. Self-Compassion: Some of our childhood wounds we would rather hide. For other wounds we seek understanding and compassion from outside ourselves. Guess what? When it comes to compassion for our wounds and experiences the most healing is self-compassion. Self-compassion fills our well and capacity for compassion for others, for our community, our Earth and … Continue reading 10 Habits For A Joyful Mind In A Healthy Body

Practice Inundating Your Life with Love and Joy

I have discovered that most things we do could be shaped into an intentional long-term practice. With an inner orientation and conscious parameters even annoying or basic activities like household chores, social media posts, daily commutes, dog walks, dancing, sports, cooking, and (fill in the blank) can join yoga, meditation and prayer as an intentional joyful and loving practice.
Continue reading Practice Inundating Your Life with Love and Joy

Mammography is Promoted as Prevention. Is it?

Dr. Alice Stewart crossed the Rubicon with tireless determination when in 1956, the Lancet journal published findings from her first research study: radiation is linked to cancer incidence. Stewart said that ” it takes 20 years for an unpopular discovery to be digested. You are lucky if that is all it takes. How long before the AMA made a formal guideline to stop x-raying pregnant women? 1980 Continue reading Mammography is Promoted as Prevention. Is it?

Holiday Thoughts

Rewrites are good! 350,000 human births on Earth everyday, in a world filled with promise, where Nature rules (If you have a pet you know that is true!) Here, we are enlived by lofty perspective, skillful and nourishing practice, startling generosity and occasional rescues from the missed perception: Everything is Connected. Pause for a welcome breath and remember…. Continue reading Holiday Thoughts