To Do: Contentment

Salvatore Zambito, rogue scholar, yoga teacher and author of The Unadorned Thread shared his wit and wisdom on the inner practice of yoga last Sunday at the La Jolla Yoga Center. He said: “Before you go through Bliss, you must go through Contentment.” A simple directive. Listening to conversations…there is a shortage of contentment. Why? Contentment requires practice. When the content of the moment is … Continue reading To Do: Contentment

Cheers to Our Health in 2012!

With over $2 Trillion dollars being spent annually in the U.S. to manage chronic disease it is safe to conclude that there are a lot of people feeling terrible. Yet, we know that chronic disease can be reversed and even eliminated by lifestyle changes. The chart below illustrates blood serum concentration of Vitamin D relative to the percent of prevention available for specific chronic diseases. … Continue reading Cheers to Our Health in 2012!

What’s Your Gift?

“Life is the one gift we are always unwrapping.” Our season of gift giving, shopping and celebration is rich with surprises, memories, joys, gatherings and pressures. Some set a high bar to do and be “it all”. Now more than ever people are reaching out to share joy and hope creatively.  We have a game in our organization. Each person identifies their intrinsic “gifts” from … Continue reading What’s Your Gift?

Is it easy to get faked out by being busy?

When we find that experiences of meaningful accomplishment and engaging relationships are essential for our well-being then listening to our hearts and intuition before “spending, wasting or investing” our time is a healthy idea! Vitamins for the Mind by Jim Rohn Time Management Days are expensive. When you spend a day you have one less day to spend. So make sure you spend each one … Continue reading Is it easy to get faked out by being busy?

Is there a Magician in Your Metaphor?

My research on personal empowerment and transformation led to David Grove’s work: “Clean Language”. From the outset my experience of “Clean Language”, a therapeutic and/or coaching approach, felt like entering a parallel universe devoid of opinion, advice, assumption, and projection. Imagine that universe! Sweet genius! In “Clean”, as practitioners refer to it, the “secret sauce” for changing our experience is held within our own metaphors. … Continue reading Is there a Magician in Your Metaphor?

Become the Change?

“You must become the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi In his talk on the Evolution of Consciousness, Shore Slocum shares the above quote, which is often misquoted as “be the change”. In the spirit of “becoming the change”, I recently expressed my concerns about the declining level of service at a favorite shop catering to our beloved canines. The … Continue reading Become the Change?